About Us

Runnymede Catering

Aims to bring an innovative experience, exemplary service and a fresh cuisine to your next event. The joy of our business is to start each day handling the freshest, most beautiful ingredients and then to have the privilege of transforming those into deliciously inspired cuisine designed to make an emotional connection with your guests.

Runnymede catering has standardised optimal efficiencies which allows us to provide exceptional services at a competitive price. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can work for you and make your vision a reality. We take great pride in our professions approach in meeting the unique needs of our clients. We have had over 25 years of experience to live at the intersection of food, art and commerce. The only thing that has changed is our perspective and experience. With a combination of Runnymede’s contemporary presentations and refined global cuisine, Runnymede endeavours to create an atmosphere that will leave you and your guests with a wonderful lasting impression.

This means our calendar fills up quickly, so please keep that in mind during the finalization process so that we may confirm your date. We love food. We love this town. We love serving you. At Runnymede Catering, we make your Celebrations, both corporate and social, personal and delicious. With 25 years of experience, we promise you the freshest, local ingredients, hand-crafted cooking sprinkled with our unique whimsical elegance and exceptional service. Our passion is stirred by the colours, flavours and textures found in this city. Our mission is the same - to delight and make your event unforgettable.

  • Our menu is spectacular
  • Magnificent service to match
  • Exclusive event venues
  • We serve the best food in town.